Simone Kosremelli

Curriculum Vitae
Born August 1950 in Beirut, Lebanon.

2007 - ... Part-time teacher at the American University of Beirut – Design Vertical Studio
1991-1996 Establishment of a branch office in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
1988-1991 Consulting architect for large scale architectural projects in Abu Dhabi
Jan-Apr.87 Consulting architect for large scale architectural projects in Saudi Arabia, London
1983-1984 Part-time teacher at the American University of Beirut
Nov. 1981 - ... Establishment of her own architectural firm in Beirut, Lebanon
May-Aug.81 Consulting architect for large scale interior decoration in Saudi Arabia, Milano
1978-1980 Part-time teacher at the American University of Beirut, Design studios and lectures.
1978-1981 Free-lance architect and urban planner in Lebanon
1977-1978 Junior architect, Group of consulting architects to the Beirut Municipal Authority.
Study of the Master Plan of Beirut Central District
1976-1977 Junior architect, Dar al Handassah, Paris branch.
1977 Master of Science in Urban Planning
Thesis subject: A conceptual framework for the comparative study of environmental administration.
1974-1976 Department of Urban Planning, Columbia University, N.Y.
1974-1976 Fulbright scholar
1974 Bachelor of Architecture with distinction
Thesis project : Holiday village for children in Baskinta, Lebanon
1969-1974 School of Architecture, American University of Beirut
1969 Math. Sup. E.S.I.B
1968 Lebanese Baccalaureat (Sc. series )
1968 French Baccalaureat ( C series )


Public Lectures
Jan. 2013 Architecture between Traditions and Modernity - Rotary Club - Beirut
July 2007 Women Who Build (La Mujer Construye) "The Underrated Role of Women Architects" Utrecht.
May 2007 Presentation of our work in the frame of the FEA Distinguished Alumna Award. AUB, Beirut.
Dec. 2002 Women Who Build (La Mujer Construye) "The Link between Tradition and Modernity"
Order of Engineers and Architects of Beirut
May 2002 Italian Trade Commission (ICE) "Perceptions Sensorielles dans L'Architecture"
BIEL, Beirut
Apr.1998 Beirut Arab University with the patronage of the UNESCO regional office in Cairo
Seminar on the Science and Technology and Conservation of the World Heritage.
Intervention on the " Vernacular Residential architecture and New Housing Tendencies in Lebanon.
Mar.1998 CERMOC ( Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches sur le Moyen-Orient Contemporain )
Panel Discussion on Architectures and reconstruction in Lebanon Panellist.
May 1992 Urban Research Institute. Seminar on the reconstruction of Beirut.
Intervention on "The Heritage and Physical Planning of Beirut Central District".
Apr. 1981 Lebanese Traditional Architecture Kennedy Center, Beirut
Co-lecturer : Fouad El- Khouri.
May 1980 Islamic Architecture in the Alhambra HAIGAZIAN COLLEGE, Beirut
AUB, Beirut.

Mar-Jun. 13 DECO MAGAZINE "Un Hôtel Particulier Revisité" Justinien Street Residential Building
Jun-Sept. 12 DECO MAGAZINE "L'Authentique Charme de Bahreïn"
2012 Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism in the Middle-East By Mohammad Al-Asad (University Press of Florida, U.S.A.) ("Small-Scale Residential Projects: The Region's Architectural
2011 A Lebanese Perspective
Houses and Other works by Simone Kosremelli
(Image Publishing, Australia) Text by Sylvia Shorto
Foreword by M. Christine Boyer
Sept- Dec. 11 DECO MAGAZINE "Un Amour de Tradition"
Autumn 2010-11 2A - Architecture and Art Women's Voices in Architecture and Design in the Middle-East "Dar al Mamluka Hotel, Damascus"
Sept- Dec. 10 DECO MAGAZINE "Un Cube Bourré de Charmes"
Mar-Jun . 09 DECO MAGAZINE "Rustique Montagne"
Jun-Sept . 08 DECO MAGAZINE "L'Enjeu des Traditions "
2007 ARABIAN DESIGN Daab (Germany) Baroudi Villa pp 248-253 Boustani Summer Villa pp 254-259
Oct-Dec . 06 DECO MAGAZINE (Lebanon) "La Maison de toutes les Envies"
June-Aug . 06 HARMONIES (Lebanon) "Orange et Bleu"
Sept- Dec . 04 DECO MAGAZINE (Lebanon) "Nancy's Farm à  Jiyé"
Sept-Nov . 04 HARMONIES (Lebanon) "Un Duplex au Mieux de sa Forme"
2005 COOL HOTELS Africa / Middle East Te Neus (Germany) Beit el Mamlouka pp 96-99
Mar-May 03 HARMONIES (Lebanon) "Minimalisme Expressif"
Dec . 02 - Feb . 03 HARMONIES (Lebanon) "La Politique du Cube"
Jun- Sept . 01 DECO MAGAZINE (Lebanon) "Le Langage des Archetypes"
Nov . 2000 DESIGN DIFFUSION NEWS, (Italy). La Galerie Semaan
2000 NEW COUNTRY HOUSES ( Links, Barcelone). pp.206-213
Mar . 1998 ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW (U.K) Fattal project
Dec . 1995 581 ARCHITECTS IN THE WORLD (published in Japan)
Dec . 1991 MIMAR issue 41 (U.K) Audi project

Mar. 12 Opening exhibition of Dehab Jewellery Gallery
Feb. 10 Let it be Jewelry participant (Bahrein)

Jul. 07

Women Who Build (La Mujer Construye)

Jun. 06

La Peinture des Architectes (Musée Paul Guiragossian)

Jun . 03

Women Who Build (La Mujer Construye)

(Aquario Romano, Rome)

Dec . 02

Women Who Build (La Mujer Construye)

Order of Engineers and Architects of Beirut

Dec . 98

Jewellery Design

Jun . 81

Aquarelles (Makhoul Street Festival)

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